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2) Secure Your Facility

Secure your premises with surveillance cameras and/or electronic locks?  Perhaps view/control them from your smartphone?

Security continues to be a primary business focus.  Air conditioning units and electrical systems have been destroyed just to steal the copper.  Cars broken into for a portable GPS unit.  Sadly…from office supplies to expensive warehouse inventory, businesses are also finding theft exists within their own organizations as well.  In short, we have seen a significant increase in our surveillance installations. 

The good news is that surveillance and access control technologies are getting both better and more cost-effective.  Our solutions can integrate the locks, cameras, and phones together on a single platform for amazingly less cost than buying separate solutions from our competitors.  Imagine that upon exiting the building, your cell phone could automatically become your office extension, or your voicemail greeting could automatically changes to say you're not in the office, or all of the desk phones in the office could act as in/out boards indicating which staff members are in or out of the office.  Yes, it can happen today, and for far less than you could ever imagine because the door access control, cameras, and phone system can operate on a single platform.  Better yet, if interested from one screen on your PC, you can see all the staff entry/exit reports, surveillance footage of the entry/exits, and all phone activity.

We understand the importance of protecting your business with money-saving access control and security solutions, that will help secure your facility, your assets, and perhaps most importantly - your employees.

The best part?  We’ll do more than talk about it - we can can show you real working solutions on your site BEFORE you purchase.  Isn’t that how it should be?

To find out how KeyCom can help with your voice, data or security needs contact us.

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